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Core Episodes

The Problem

Busy, Hollow, & Demoralized What’s wrong with residency? There are so many ways to tackle this question and a popular topic among them is burnout.  I’m not going to pepper

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A Way of Life – Pt 1

Beyond Surviving Residency Sir William Osler was by nearly all accounts a good physician and a good person.  A quarter of “The Big 4” at Johns Hopkins & known as

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Finding Rest & Rhythm

Y’all don’t know this about me but I’m a long-term planner. If I’m not careful it’s easier for me to start planning 5-10 years in the future and lose sight

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“I Don’t Have Time”

Reclaiming Your Margins “I don’t have time for this.”  How many times have you thought or said that throughout your medical training?  You know, where it feels like one interruption

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Soul-Sucking Emptiness

A Way Forward Despite the Dementors The “soul-sucking fiends” in the wizarding world of Harry Potter drain happiness & hope from the world around them with a final “kiss” that

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A Christocentric Perspective on Physician Spiritual Wellness  This post discusses physician spiritual wellness by approaching it from a “christocentric” perspective in order to explore what this concept could mean for

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Send This to Your Tribe

7 Ways to Support a Resident If you don’t know what residency is, it is a period of 3-5 years after physicians graduate from medical school where they continue their

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Where’s Waldo?

Moral Formation in the “Hidden Curriculum” A man in a red & white striped shirt with a matching bobble hat, brown hair, black glasses, blue jeans, and usually carrying a

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Resident Stories

Dr. David Baltazar

RESIDENT STORIES Episode Description: This week, Ben sits down with David – a dermatology resident in Scottsdale, AZ – to reflect on the residency experience.  We touch on David’s journey

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Dr. Kain Weaver

RESIDENT STORIES Episode Description Ben sits down with Dr. Kain Weaver a 3rd year psychiatry resident in Charlotte North Carolina and friend from medical school.  Kain shares his own medical

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Dr. Christine Park

RESIDENT STORIES Episode Description Ben sits down with Christine – a Pediatrics Resident in San Antonio TX – to reflect on the residency experience. They discuss the journey in residency

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Guest Interviews

Trust & Character

With Dr. Jonathan Imber Episode Description: Today, Ben chats with professor of sociology Dr. Jonathan Imber about his book “Trusting Doctors, the Decline of Moral Authority in American Medicine” which

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Meet the Host

Dr. Benjamin Long

Dr. Long is a Sleep Medicine Physician & Assistant Professor of Pediatrics living in Anchorage Alaska with his wife, son, & their dog Rolo.  He is the son of a pastor & artist, and the third of six kids.  His academic interests vary from pediatric sleep medicine topics to the focus of Beyond Surviving Residency – spiritual wellness and moral burnout in residency.

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My goal is to inspire healthcare professionals to become the kind of persons who bring their full selves to medicine, seek the good of those around us, and are equipped to challenge persons & systems consistently seeking their own good above all else.

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